Library Carpentry sprint, 2 Oct, 2017 - LiASA

The Library Carpentry sprint is part of the Library and Information Association of South Africa 2017 Conference, which will take place on 2 October, 2017 in Johannesburg. For those new to the field, a sprint is like a hackathon - it is a way to get people working together to create, update or extend open projects like Library Carpentry. We’ll use this etherpad to organize the sprint.

We are using this sprint to give participants an introduction to Library Carpentry, cover how the community works and how to get involved. We’ll also provide details on how to host and organise a workshop with hands-on exercises in setting up a workshop website. Following workshop operations, we’ll shift to explore how Library Carpentry lessons are collaboratively created and maintained. We’ll amend, update, extend and improve the existing Library Carpentry lessons. Along the way, you’ll learn how to collaborate in GitHub and make your own blog. Finally, we’ll conclude with the a preliminary outline for a follow-up workshop during the first quarter of 2018.

We welcome contributions from librarians, archivists, information professionals, digital humanities researchers … anyone who wants to contribute to building the lessons and this burgeoning community.

Workshop goals


Not sure what Library Carpentry is? Check out our ‘front page’. This provides links to the published lessons. For the ‘back end’, repository view of the lessons, check out the lessons prefixed library- or dh- here.

How will the sprint work?

We will use our Gitter to chat with each other. Library Carpentry has 3 gitters:

We will also this etherpad to share links & notes and organize work. Join the chatroom at any time using your GitHub username or your Twitter handle.

Social Media and Communications

The sprint hashtag is #lc-sa2017. Please use this to tie tweets together, and also use Library Carpentry’s Twitter handle, @LibCarpentry, if you can.

Next steps

Put on a workshop - no matter how big or small

Work on existing lessons by

Lesson Maintainers

This is a list of people who maintain each Library Carpentry lesson. If you are editing a lesson, be sure to check in with them throughout the sprint. Volunteers to help maintain a lesson after the sprint are always welcome!

Git - @weaverbel, @jezcope

Shell - @weaverbel, @jt14den

OpenRefine - @ostephens, @ccronje, @pitviper

Python - @c-martinez

SQL - @mpfl, @c-martinez, @mkuzak

Data Intro, Jargon Busting, Regex - @drjwbaker, @ccronje